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About the Recipes

My recipes are Italian. I mean that literally. Either they have been created and served in Italy or replicated from original Italian recipes. My husband and I have a home in Friuli, in the northeastern corner of Italy, which we visit twice every year. We have lived in Italy years ago as a young family, I being its only American-born member. I have learned how to food shop, plan, cook and serve meals as an Italian.

All of the recipes you’ll find here reflect the wonderful exposure I have had to the great cooks I have met in humble family kitchens as well as in elegant restaurants. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Gushers vs Tricklers

"Gushers" are quickly-digested carbohydrates that cause a rapid rise in blood glucose and fuel appetite.

"Tricklers" are slowly-digested carbohydrates that are gradually released into the bloodstream and sustain satiety. These are the good carbs.

Johanna Burani
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Expert in individualized, low-glycemic index (low GI) meal planning.

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