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  1. Low GI Recipe: Salmon and Chicory Open-Face Grilled Sandwich


    February 8, 2012 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Salmon and Chickory Open-Face Grilled Sandwich

    Italians have a long-standing love affair with Mediterranean bitter greens.  In fact, they have been consuming chicory and its cousin, escarole, as a popular vegetable choice since the 14th century.  These greens are more commonly used raw , as in salads, but they are absolutely delicious when braised as in this recipe. keep reading »

  2. Low GI Recipe: Broiled Cod with Vinaigrette Topping


    December 5, 2010 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Broiled Cod with Vinaigrette Topping

    My grandfather owned a fish store and so fish was often on the menu when we ate at Grandma’s.  If she were cooking just for us kids she wouldn’t fuss too much, but who knew?  We all loved this recipe and always cleaned our plates!  keep reading »

  3. Low GI Recipe: Nonna Anita’s Tuna-stuffed Summer Tomatoes


    August 1, 2009 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Nonna Anita's Tuna-Stuffed Summer Tomatoes

    The late summer months in Italy are when Italian cooks feverishly start canning their homegrown tomatoes while preparing fresh tomato-based recipes that their families wait all year to enjoy. Just like with grapes, the sun’s magic produces a succulent sweetness in tomatoes that reaches its peak in September.

    So, there are tomatoes on the table at lunch and at dinner every day until the family’s garden supply is exhausted. This is my mother-in-law’s recipe that she served for lunch on sweltering hot days. The tuna composition is not so unusual (except for the addition of capers perhaps) but it is the explosion in the mouth of summer fragrances and tastes embodied in the tomato that makes this a staple recipe in our household at this time of year.


    keep reading »

  4. Low GI Recipe: Little Cabbage Suitcases (Valigini)


    January 1, 2009 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Little Cabbage Suitcases (Valigini)

    “Valigini” means “little suitcases” in Italian. That’s what my mother-in-law called this recipe because of the way the cabbage leaves enclose the meat filling. You may be surprised to find ground nutmeg mixed in with chopped meat but wait until you taste this combination – you’ll love it! In northern Italy, nutmeg partners well with a variety of ingredients. keep reading »

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