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  1. Welcome-Home Vegetable Soup


    June 5, 2014 by Johanna Burani


    My husband, Sergio, and I have always travelled a lot, many times to far distant places for several weeks at a time.  Decades ago, I developed the habit of making a big pot of vegetable soup as soon as the suitcases were unpacked and I did some local food shopping.  The recipe varies with the time of year, of course, because I only put fresh, organic produce in the pot.  Below is what I just made in our New Jersey home, after returning from a one-month fabulous stay (thanks to our adorable one-year-old grandson, Elia, and his parents) in our Friuli home.

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  2. Low GI Recipe: Winter Vegetable Mix


    March 1, 2013 by Johanna Burani

    Winter Vegetable Mix

    Leave it to the Italians to take the humdrum vegetables that everybody has been eating all winter long and ZAP! them with shout-in-your-mouth flavor.  What a combination of well groomed flavors!  Feel free to adjust the dressing seasonings to appease your personal palate.  And, if you find a little excess dressing pooling in your plate, do what the Italians do – soak up every last drop with a piece of fresh crusty Italian bread! keep reading »

  3. Low GI Recipe: Broccoli with Orzo Soup


    January 14, 2012 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Broccoli with Orzo Soup

    Leave it to the Italians.  All they do is boil fresh broccoli with some other fresh household staples and they get this wonderful tasting soup.  It’s usually served in the evening with bread, cheese and wine. keep reading »

  4. Low GI Recipe: “Spunky” Cavatelli and Broccoli


    December 5, 2011 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Spunky Cavatelli and Broccoli

    Pasta with broccoli and a strong earthy olive oil is a very popular winter dish for Italians and cavatelli seem like the ideal pasta choice.  Its crevices create lots of little spaces where the broccoli sauce can nest.  I’ve added a hint of mustard to my broccoli puree to give it a little “spunk.”  Another option might be a few peperoncino (red pepper) flakes. keep reading »

  5. Low GI Recipe: Orecchiette and Broccoli alla Franca


    November 3, 2010 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Orecchiette e Broccoli alla Franca

    I’ve known Franca almost as long as I know my husband (39 years). They were high school friends and anytime we visit my husband’s hometown, Reggio Emilia (about 30 minutes west of Bologna), we always wind up at Franca’s house for dinner. Her culinary prowess is as acclaimed as her affable personality, wit and contagious laugh. Recently I asked her for one of her recipes that I could share with GI News readers; she wrote this up for me in less than 5 minutes!


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