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  1. Soup for Breakfast?


    January 29, 2016 by admin


    When my husband was a little boy, his mother made him “pappa gialla” on cold, wintry mornings.  The northwestern region of Italy where he grew up was notorious for a bitter dampness that penetrated down to one’s bones.  His mother’s semi-soupy concoction of milk, flour, sugar, eggs and Marsala wine was her antidote to the intense cold outdoors.

    One nutrition trend that is emerging for 2016 is breakfast soups (aka smoothie bowls).  Served in a bowl or in a to-go container, this combination of your personal choices of fruit, dairy, protein, nuts and grains gives you all the powerhouse nutrients of a juiced breakfast PLUS the fiber that doesn’t get tossed.

    I think this can be a wonderful start to any day.  I’ve put together some of my favorite ingredients for a wintry breakfast soup, and, in deference to my mother-in-law, even added a touch of Marsala.  This is an out-of-the-box kind of breakfast.  Maybe it’s for you! keep reading »

  2. Low GI Recipe: Egg Noodles with Mushrooms (Pappardelle con Funghi)


    September 1, 2009 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Pappardelle con Funghi

    The rich taste of this dish belies the simplicity of its ingredients and its preparation. But that’s what good Italian cooking is all about: fresh ingredients and simple preparation that permit the mixture of flavors to “speak” to one’s tastebuds – loudly and clearly.

    Buon appetito!


    keep reading »

  3. Low GI Recipe: Baked Spiced Pears with Zabaglione Sauce


    December 2, 2008 by Johanna Burani

    Low GI Recipe: Baked Spiced Pears with Zabaglione Sauce

    Pears with cinnamon and cardamom are a marriage made in culinary heaven. Adding the most “divine” of all Italian sauces, zabaglione, makes this dessert a truly ethereal experience. This full-bodied dessert relies exclusively on the wholesome flavors of its ingredients and not added fats, making it an excellent finish to a hearty holiday meal.

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"Gushers" are quickly-digested carbohydrates that cause a rapid rise in blood glucose and fuel appetite.

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